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Steve Rumbelow

Email: hmr.ccg@nhs.net

Phone: 01706 664170.

Extract from CCG Annual Report 2019-20

As NHS HMR CCG’s Accountable Officer holds responsibility for ensuring NHS HMR CCG complies with its duty to:
• Exercise its functions effectively, efficiently and economically thus, ensuring improvement in the quality of services and the health of the local population whilst maintaining value for money;
• Exercise its functions with a view to securing continuous improvement in the quality of service provided to individuals for, or in connection with, the prevention, diagnosis or treatment of illness;
• Meet financial obligations, including information requests;
• Meet obligations relating to accounting and auditing;
• Provide information to NHS England, following requests from the Secretary of State;
• Meet obligations under any other provision of the National Health Service Act 2006 (as amended) specified by the board for these purposes;
• Responsibility for strategic stakeholder communications and engagement;

Steve Rumbelow was originally appointed Chief Executive of Rochdale Borough Council in December 2014. Steve has a long career in local government spanning over 30 years having previously worked for Manchester City Council, Leeds City Council, Ashfield District Council, Rotherham Borough Council and Burnley Council. In addition to his Rochdale Council role, Steve was appointed as the HMR CCG Accountable Officer from 1st July 2018 as part of the borough’s continuing drive to integrate health and social care to streamline services. For the Council Steve has overall responsibility for the full range of services including the running of the council itself and the borough’s schools. He works closely with elected Councillors and partners from public, private and third sector organisations to achieve improvements across the borough and to deliver quality services. His Accountable Officer role for the CCG means he has overall responsibility for the commissioning of NHS services for patients in the borough.