New Abusive Head Trauma Prevention Campaign launched in Rochdale

2019-02-19T09:09:43+00:0019th February 2019|Latest news|

Rochdale Borough Safeguarding Children Board has launched a new campaign aimed at helping local parents and carers with young babies to cope with infant crying.

Most babies start to cry more frequently at two weeks of age, with crying becoming more frequent and longer lasting during the next few weeks and reaching a peak at six to eight weeks. The campaign aims to highlight key messages from the ICON programme to let parents and carers know that this behaviour is completely normal and that they are not alone in dealing with this situation. It is completely natural for babies to cry and it is important to remember that this will stop. After approximately eight weeks babies start to cry less and less each week.

The ICON programme provides the important messages below on how to cope with a crying baby:

  • I – Infant crying is normal and it will stop
  • C – Comfort methods can sometimes soothe the baby and the crying will stop. Is the baby hungry, tired or in need of a nappy change?
  • O – It is OK to walk away, if you have checked the baby is safe and the crying is getting to you. After a few minutes when you are feeling calm, go back and check on the baby.
  • N – Never, ever shake or hurt a baby, it can cause lasting brain damage or death.

Dr Ghafoor, NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group Safeguarding Lead, said: “A baby’s cry can be extremely upsetting for parents and carers and this is a very emotional and sensitive message that should be shared with everyone who is caring for a child. The ICON message is offering coping with crying advice, letting parents and families know of techniques of how to comfort their baby and that it is okay if they need to take a break from a baby’s crying as long as the baby is safe and the parent/carer returns after a few minutes.”

There is a lot of support available for parents and families, please speak to your friends, family, midwife, health visitor or GP for support or more information, or call the Complex Early Help and Safeguarding Hub (CEHASH) on 0300 303 0440 (Monday – Friday: 8.30 am – 4.5 pm), 0300 303 8875 (out of office hours) or email:

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