March 2019

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Welcome to this month’s blog. As you are reading this, no doubt you have noticed that our website has been re-launched and it is more modern and streamlined. As part of the redesign process we have worked with a range of stakeholders from local health and third sector organisations whose feedback and comments have helped shape the new site. Thank you to everyone who has been involved and if you have any feedback please get in touch with the HMR CCG Communications team on

While the outcome of Brexit negotiations is still yet to be decided, the NHS will keep you informed if there are any changes that you need to be aware of. It’s very important you don’t order more medicines than normal. If you do, then it may mean that other people won’t be able to get their medicines. If you are concerned, please speak to your doctor or pharmacist. More can be found at the links here getting your medicines if there’s a no-deal EU Exit and NHS England’s answers to common questions about getting your medicines after EU Exit.

If you or someone you know is considering a career in health or thinking about a career change, the Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Primary Care Academy is showcasing primary care job roles at two upcoming careers events. The academy is hosting its own careers fair on Wednesday 27 March at Middleton Arena, 9.30am-6pm. The team will be promoting primary care careers and offer advice on the pathways into the sector, plus the training and development opportunities on offer. The academy is also representing the local area by exhibiting at the ‘Building a career in primary care’ event on Wednesday 3 April at Manchester Central Convention Complex, 2-7pm, organised by Greater Manchester Health and Social Care Partnership.

Finally I’d like to say a huge thank you to pupils and staff at Lowerplace Primary School, Rochdale who welcomed our Governing Body for its informal meeting last month. As part of this, pupils aged 10 and 11 years from Year 6 got the opportunity to quiz me and fellow board members on local health issues which they are interested in.

Among the things that pupils wanted answers to were what is the most common illness that doctors see daily; how is the Governing Body going to help people to be fit & healthy; how is the Governing Body helping people to use the right health services; and if the NHS had unlimited funding, what services would the Governing Body introduce or improve?
Their questions were well thought out and mature – and would put a journalist to shame! It’s inspiring to know that our future generation is just as passionate about health as we are.

The lively question and answer session was the culmination of a week of work that HMR CCG Engagement Lead, Phil Burton had done with Year 6 pupils. To help them prepare their questions Phil hosted three morning sessions in which pupils explored what the NHS is; how HMR CCG plans local health services; careers in the NHS; and health issues in the Rochdale borough.

Our next Governing Body meeting is on Friday 15 March, when we’ll return to our usual venue, Number One Riverside, Rochdale. For full details, the meeting agenda and papers, please visit our website. Members of the public are invited and encouraged to attend our Governing Body meetings and public questions are an important part of them. I’d urge anyone with a question to submit it and we can respond. If you can’t make it to the meeting, follow us on Twitter @NHSHMR for live tweets giving an overview of items being discussed and decisions made.
Thanks for reading.