We’re aiming to improve care for people who have, or may develop, certain long term health conditions by anticipating their health needs before they happen.

By gathering new insights using pseudonymised (non-identifiable data) data and making use of telecare technology, we plan to help GP practices find the best ways to detect, manage and prevent long term ill health.

Initially, we’re focusing on type 2 diabetes and certain heart and lung diseases.

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Our test bed project is part of a national programme, sponsored by NHS England. Test beds aim to develop and test new applications of technology in the NHS, to provide better care for patients as well as better value for taxpayers.

Find out more about the test bed project in Heywood, Middeton and Rochdale by selecting the infographics opposite or visit our project pages for more information.

Project Overview

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Using data to improve care

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The test bed is a collaboration between:

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The project is overseen by NHS England

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  • GP Practices Get On Board with Project 29.03.17

    The Chair of HMR’s Local Medical Committee (LMC), Dr Mo Jiva, has backed HMR’s test bed project, describing it as “an...

  • Patient Leaflet Lays Out Test Bed Facts 29.03.17

    Patient leaflets, available in every GP practice within the test bed project, provide key information about the...

  • What is Closercare? 29.03.17

    As part of HMR’s test bed project, selected patients will be offered access to Closercare – a telehealth service which...

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