Community Views Engagement Event: Help transform health and social care in Rochdale borough

Local people were asked to get involved in transforming local health and social care services at a Community Views engagement event in September.

The event took place on 21 September, 6pm-7.30pm at the Centre of Wellbeing, Training and Culture (CWTC), formerly known as Multicultural Arts and Media Centre. Attendees who attended the event were updated by HMR CCG and Rochdale  Borough Council on the progress of Rochdale’s Locality Plan.

The Locality Plan is the blueprint for health and social care in Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale. It has two fundamental goals: to enable health and social care services across the borough to deliver real improvement in the lives of local people; and to ensure health and social care services can be delivered at a time of increased cost pressures. The financial challenge is critical: if services continue to be delivered in the same way, health leaders will face a shortfall of around £30 million in the short term alone.

The Community Views event builds upon progress made at the initial engagement event in March 2017, at which local people, patients and representatives from CCG and council partner organisation shared their views on how the borough’s health and social care services can have a sustainable future.

Feedback from the Community Views event will be uploaded here soon. In the meantime for more information please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01706 652151

Rochdale Borough Locality Plan 

Do you want to learn more about the Rochdale borough’s locality and transformational plans - please click here to download.

Also, partners have agreed to share a series of briefs at weekly intervals to allow for the phased release of consistent information about the Rochdale Locality and Transformational plans. Over the coming weeks we will be issuing seven minute briefings to help you understand the plans as well as their aims and objectives. Please see below for more information:


Locality Plan - Planned Care - 7 Minute Briefing - 17th October 2017

Planned care is delivered by several providers which can lead to fragmented care, duplication and long waiting times.

Integrated commissioning and delivery of services will focus on patient outcomes rather than the number of activities carried out.

Focusing on care closer to the community, treatment by interdisciplinary teams, evidence based procedures and treatments and fewer appointments.

Click here to download

Locality Plan - Neighbourhood - 7 Minute Briefing - 10th October 2017

Bringing services like General Practice, social work, community projects and mental health together to provide a more holistic service to the population in a neighbourhood.

We will provide excellence in care homes and improve our home care services.

Click here to download


Locality Plan - Primary Care - 7 Minute Briefing - 3rd October 2017

Poor access to Primary Care can mean patients don't receive care at the right place and right time. This can lead to poor use of NHS resources.

Increased investment within General Practice to support change, resulting in resilient, sustainable Primary Care benefiting patients at our GP practices.

Click here to download


Locality Plan - Access – 7 Minute Briefing - 26th September 2017

Simpler access that meets people's holistic needs.

Development of service hubs to support people to navigate the health and social care system.

More appropriate use of GP appointments, by supporting people to get the most appropriate kind of support.

Click here to download


Locality Plan - Prevention – 7 Minute Briefing - 19th September 2017

We need to increase prevention activity across the borough.

Our approach will prevent the start of unhealthy habits and long term conditions and reduce the impact of those conditions.

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Locality Plan Overview – 7 Minute Briefing - 12th September 2017

This week’s briefing will give you an overview of the locality plan.

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