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STAR Awards

The HMR STAR awards are annual awards hosted by NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group (HMR CCG).

The awards aim to celebrate and recognise CCG staff, GPs and GP practice staff for the excellent work they do to help NHS HMR CCG deliver its objectives and achieve its vision of healthier people, better future.

There are five award categories, with one – People’s STAR (Nancy Fallon Memorial Award) – open to local people and patients to nominate local GPs, practice managers, practice nurses or GP receptionists who you feel deserve special thanks and recognition.

Award categories

People’s STAR (public only)

For a person or team considered by patients and the public to have provided high quality, compassionate and individual patient care.

Shining STAR (internal only)

For a person or team’s extraordinary work or achievements to support the work of NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group.

Silent STAR (internal only)

For a person or team that consistently supports colleagues, makes a real contribution to the Rochdale borough or just makes people smile – the little things matter.

STAR Team (internal only)

For a team that works together to demonstrate excellence in its work towards improving the health of local people in the Rochdale borough.

Innovation STAR (internal only)

For a person, team or project that has contributed to improving patient care in the Rochdale borough through innovation or service improvement.

Dates for the 2019 STAR Awards will be announced shortly.